James Humphreys Honored by Nitro High School

Before he was a top lawyer, James Humphreys attended Nitro High School (NHS) in Nitro, West Virginia and graduated in 1966. NHS recently created a Hall of Achievement to honor graduates who have succeeded in various fields, from business to sports to law. The Hall inspires current students to reach their full potential by seeing the accomplishments of NHS alumni. The motto at NHS is Love, Learning, Leadership and the Hall of Achievement serves as a way for past students to lead current students toward their future.

James F Humphreys Nitro High School
James F Humphreys receives award from Nitro High School Principal Jason Redman

NHS nominated James to be part of the Hall of Achievements due to his success in pursuing personal injury and wrongful death cases around the United States. His law firm, James F. Humphreys & Associates L.C., has offices in Charleston, West Virginia and Washington D.C. and pursues product liability, mesothelioma and personal injury lawsuits for victims.

James has worked as a personal injury attorney at James F. Humphreys & Associates for nearly forty years and helped more than 15,000 clients seek compensation for their personal injury and wrongful death claims. He also handles cases involving defective products, medical devices as well as those who have suffered asbestos exposure and have contracted mesothelioma. He doesn’t rest until negligent parties are held accountable for their actions.

James F Humphreys Nitro High School Induction
James F. Humphreys speaks at Nitro High School Induction

James attended the NHS induction ceremony on November 4th, 2019 to accept his award and discuss his achievements with attendees. James pursued several degrees in the decade after his high school graduation, including a Bachelor’s degree from West Virginia University, a Master’s degree from the Ohio State University, a Masters in Public Affairs from Princeton University and finally his Juris Doctorate at the George Washington University School of Law.

After completing his degrees, James returned to West Virginia and chaired the Committee on Constitutional Revision, helping author the state’s Ethics law. He also helped modernize the Environmental code of West Virginia when he served in the state Senate. After these experiences, James opened his own law firm in 1979.

James F. Humphreys
James F. Humphreys

Over the years, James has received numerous awards, including Legislator of the Year from the West Virginia Association for Justice twice, Philanthropist of the Year from the Thomas Memorial Hospital Foundation and is a Distinguished Alumni of George Washington University. He has also served on multiple boards, including the Board of Trustees at Brandeis University, chairman of the Brain Injury Association of America and on the Board of Directors for the West Virginia Association of Justice, before becoming a member of their Executive Committee.

In addition to his professional pursuits, Mr. Humphreys supports philanthropic efforts including local charities and GW Law. James credits GW Law for much of his success and tries to help other law students pursue their dreams. He endowed a scholarship for low-income students at GW Law and also funded the development of the James F. Humphreys Complex Litigation Center at the school.

To keep up with the law firm, follow them on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

If you have a personal injury claim, contact James F. Humphreys here.

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