Asbestos in Cosmetics

James F. Humphreys & Associates, L.C. represents people who have been injured by exposure to asbestos. This mineral was deliberately used to make many products such as insulation, gaskets and packing material, but it has also appeared as a contaminant in products such as baby powder and cosmetics. Recently, asbestos was reported in children’s cosmetics sold by two major chain stores, Claire’s and Justice.

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In July 2017, WBTV, a television station in Durham, North Carolina, reported that asbestos had been found in samples of Just Shine Shimmer Powder it sent to a laboratory to see if this product contained non-listed ingredients. According to the station, heavy metals including barium, chromium, lead and selenium were also found in the Shimmer Powder. In the wake of this report, Justice pulled this product from its shelves.

In February 2018, Justice announced a recall of 8 makeup products because of asbestos concerns. Products were removed from shelves and parents were asked to return products to the nearest Justice store for a full refund. The products involved were:

Just Shine Shimmer Powder

Just Shine Bronzer Brush Just Shine Make Up Palette (11 piece-pinks)

Just Shine Make Up Palette (11 piece-blues)

Just Shine Eye Shadow Palette (5 piece-cool)

Just Shine Eye Shadow Palette ( 5 piece-pinks)

Just Shine Make Up Palette (9 piece glitter crème)

Just Shine Eye Shadow Palette (9 piece eye shadow and glitter crème)

In December, 2017, Claire quietly pulled 9 cosmetics products from its shelves after WJAR, a Boston TV station, carried a story about how asbestos had been found in some of its products after a Rhode Island mother had her daughter’s make up kit tested. In January, 2018, Claire said that tests from 2 independent laboratories had confirmed that its products were asbestos free.

The products recalled by Claire’s Included:

Ultimate Mega Makeup Set

Metallic Hot Pink Glitter

Pink Glitter Cellphone Makeup Set

Bedazzled Rainbow Heart Makeup Set

Rainbow Bedazzled Star Makeup Set

Rainbow Glitter Heart Shaped Makeup Set

Mint Glitter Makeup Set

Rainbow Bedazzled Rectangle Makeup Set

Pink Glitter Palette With Eye Shadow & Lip Gloss

At least two members of Congress have called for action to address threats of asbestos contamination in cosmetics. Congressman Frank Pallone called on the FDA to investigate Claire and Justice Retail following reports that tremolite (a kind of asbestos) had been found in cosmetics marketed to girls and young women. Debbie Dingle, a Democrat from Dearborn, Michigan, introduced legislation to ensure that children’s cosmetics were either asbestos free or carried warning labels about asbestos. Under the Children’s Product Warning Label Act of 2018, children’s cosmetics would have to carry labels that they might contain asbestos unless the manufacturer assured the Department of Health and Human Services in writing that any talc used in its products came from asbestos-free mines and demonstrated that the products were asbestos free using a suitable electron microscope method. Since asbestos and talc deposits often occur close to each other, talcum powder used in cosmetics and other goods may be contaminated with asbestos.

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If you or a loved one have been seriously injured by exposure to asbestos, contact us for a free initial consultation. Call 304-881-0652 (local) or 877-341-2595 (toll free) or contact us through our website,



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